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we who need each other

September 6, 2011

I’m a nurse and art therapist. I work in communities where there is a lot of suffering. Usually that suffering is related to colonisation. Usually I am isolated from my own communities. I see things I don’t understand and hear things I don’t know what to think about. Usually I can’t talk about what I do without reinforcing ways of seeing things which are not helpful – except with other people who are also working towards health and equity and empowerment across great divisions.

I know there are a lot of you out there. This blog may end up being about a lot of things, but it starts as a call.

I need a place to speak my confusion and love and distress and insights and be answered with useful ideas, grounded spiritual and practical perspectives, and the kind of listening which makes it possible to keep the words alive until they find their sense. When the work breaks me, I want kindness that is tough and not overly sweet, I want beauty to soothe and heal the ugliness I’ve absorbed.

Stories of hope are welcome here. Images of resilience are welcome, and endurance and self-care and sweet places to rest. Risks taken in the service of making room for the good things which are trying to emerge, may this be a safe place for you. For daring to speak of complexity and confusion, maybe getting things wrong while trying to get things right, may there be respectful sharing of perspectives. May we who need each other’s voices find each other here.

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