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how the people organise – we can do this in NU

October 12, 2011

Chris Hedges clearly describes how Occupy NY is getting things done, taking care of each other, making sure everybody has a chance to contribute their skills and ideas.

This is the kind of process I keep talking about wanting to do here in Nunavut, getting all kinds of people involved in being the change we want to see for Nunavummiut to survive in good heath as a community.

I want Canadians in general to have these kinds of conversations about health care. If there are limited financial and human resources, then shouldn’t we decide together what we value most as a society and what we might be willing to let go of, or take responsibility for, or live in different ways?

I’m so grateful for my community in the Comox Valley, where people are getting together to stand for our community’s human, environmental and economic health by saying no to coal mining.

You brave, loving people on the front lines inspire me to keep nurturing that hope for a better way of living together on this earth. You show me how to keep practising those inclusive, pro-social, pro-freedom skills, even in a workplace culture which does not share those practices and values.

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