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Iqaluit water main burst

January 14, 2012

draining burst water main into Frobisher Bay

The water mains burst a few days ago at the high school. Today Iqaluit has been shut down. Workplaces are closed. Some parts of town have no water. The hospital is only dealing with emergencies.

The reservoir is losing massive amounts of water. Ice is pooling in flooded areas. We could hear the big machines working through the night and day to make channels for the extra water. Here they’re digging up the road where the creek that runs through town empties into Frobisher Bay, near the museum and the library and visitors’ centre. That mist is rising where the water hits the sea ice, and the blue is the sky reflected in puddles on the ice.

Snow machine drivers have been cautioned to be careful on the ice, as the flood water is making it mushy. No rush hour today, but smiling groups in trucks and on skidoos are driving around checking out the action. It’s more beautiful than usual by the creek and the shore, with the blue puddles and the mist and the low sun.

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