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hiatus is over!

July 29, 2012

I wondered what would get me back to the blog. Midnight fireworks were not on my writing list!

There was a lot on my mind about finding ways to help bureaucracies do the work they were set up to do, working by the values they say they hold (or to bypass the bureaucracies and do the work from the outside). Health care, education, government… all struggling to live up to their purposes. It’s incredible, the power individuals and their buddies can have to facilitate or obstruct effective work!

Positive deviance was one approach I found – will link to it later. And I just started reading Margaret Wheatley’s and Deborah Frieze’s book, Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey Into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now. It’s looking good. I love the idea of changemakers being like hospice workers, tending the release of what has been outlived. I’m looking forward to reading more about this notion – but my own work with hospice makes me think of the compassion and full presence needed to care for those who are dying and those who are being left behind. The authors talk about marking the loss of what is no longer needed and reviewing what the most cherished values are that can still be given energy, even as an institution’s health or purpose is failing.

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