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handmade birthing dolls

August 31, 2012

Oh, the power of dolls to connect us with anything to do with the body!

Doll making is a part of my art therapy practice, great as soothing and expressive art making for people who have experienced trauma or health issues, wonderful for making pocket-sized power figures. The materials and processes can contain a lot of feelings. For people who are not comfortable with needle and thread, there are so many other ways to make dolls – with carving, knots, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks…

I’d like to see nursing students and med students making dolls living with a particular illness; I think this would encourage thinking about how a disease affects the body and also the relationships around the person, what the doll needs to feel well and well cared for.

I am a big fan of making your own, for healing, for learning, or for the joy of it. But today, I want to share someone else’s creations.

Mamamor makes birthing and breastfeeding dolls which would be great health care teaching tools, or to help children get used to the idea of siblings and how we all get here. They’d also be great art/play therapy toys. There are smiling papas, VBAC mamas, babies – and the team which makes them takes custom orders. I’m looking forward to ordering dolls which reflect the families I see in my community and practice.

I’ve asked the folks at mamamor for a photo to post.

You can find them on Facebook, too. Check out the beautiful birthing video.

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