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the dilemmas which define us, the media which feed us

September 3, 2012

I’m looking forward to The Current’s new weekday project, Line in the Sand: The Dilemmas which Define Us, on CBC radio. Those grey areas of ethics have such juicy learning – and working cross-culturally, there is a constant need to think things through from multiple perspectives.

Also hoping to listen to the Game Changer archives with our new internet service – maybe it will be fast enough to stream podcasts. One of the things I miss, living in the Arctic, is access to radio which feeds me. Our local CBC station has Inuktitut and English programs, and while I’m glad there are Inuktitut shows, I miss my favourites desperately. A particular torment is when each weekend, the pre-recorded announcement for Eleanor Wachtel’s Writers & Co. comes on – but instead it’s a pop music request hour which just does’t sound like CBC to me.

It would be great to have more shows which appeal to Inuit audiences (or Inuit language speakers) and non-Inuit (or speakers of other languages) alike – and get us interacting. Something like C’est la Vie‘s Word-of-the-Week, which looks at nuances of French language.

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