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whose path am I walking?

October 22, 2012

There’s a path I walk often, with care, trying not to disrupt the inch-high berry shrubs and the bright lichens. But the white season has come, and for the next 7 months, the paths I’ve been following will be buried in snow.

It’s got me thinking about the paths I walk every day, in my work, in my interactions with people, in this place where people like me live outside our own culture, affecting the people whose land this is. It is easier, often, to follow that path someone else has already started to tread, than it is to sense with each footstep and a view to where we are trying to go together, and find a good way forward.

This weekend, treading a new path into the snow, my boots slipped into drifts and wobbled over the hidden edges of rocks. I made some little treks off the new snowpath, and when they felt right underfoot, I’d stamp them down to make them more obvious.

I need to find ways to do that when my work culture is at odds with its intentions – to notice which signs I want to follow, and to place my feet in ways which mark a good path.


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