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folks dressed up like Inuit

December 14, 2012


Great blog by an Inuk who takes exception to that “Chestnuts roasting” Christmas song which refers to “folks dressed up like…” um… Click here to see Joey Flowers’ photo series – folks dressed up like Inuit. It’s a simple, friendly and effective challenge to stereotypes of the northernmost Aboriginal people in Canada (and in a few other countries, too, from Russia to Greenland – I’ll look for a circumpolar map drawn according to indigenous territories).

There was an interview with Joey Flowers tonight on CBC’s As It Happens – and the croony old tune redone, too. The interview hadn’t been podcast yet when I checked, but could be by the time you do.

*The photo caption says: “This is my friend Sarah sitting on Frobisher Bay wearing a handmade parka from Baker Lake, NU; a random toque from Tribal Voices, Peterborough, ON; a pair of green mittens from a random store on Commercial Drive, Vancouver; a pair of Columbia snowpants, and a pair of Sorels (both the parka and the Sorels were hand-me-downs from her grandmother and are both at least 30 years old…)”

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  1. Ruby permalink
    December 14, 2012 5:25 am

    Wow, some of them are dressed like lesbians – who knew? 😍

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