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good advice on maintaining hope: Practice Hope Daily

September 9, 2013

Beginning with gratitude and appreciation, making specific, personal commitments, asking for help, feeling what is most intolerable, cultivating delight and peace, opening to your own creative potential contributions… Great advice on hope and change! To quote Ravyn, “This is what we know works.”

gerri ravyn stanfield


Let’s say that it does work this way.  That I can read one of the plethoras of articles out there with step by step plans to remember and implement.  I read the article and I change completely.  That is seductive.  10 Ways to Relieve Stress, 4 Ways to Tell Your Loved Ones They Matter, 8 Steps to Vibrant Health, 14 Ways to Save the World.  I love the numbered steps and the visceral satisfaction of ticking items off a list to accomplish something vital.

I want to be vital.  I want to be hopeful.  I want to transform my self and my relationships.  I even want to change the world.  Of course I do.

When I read the news, hope is weighted down by the situation in Syria, Monsanto, McDonald’s and grows even heavier with elections gone wrong, crime, pain, racism and homophobia.  When I look out the window, hope…

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