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challenging stereotypes with accordions and stethoscopes

October 13, 2014

Good afternoon! We are not beggars. We are Roma medical students.

Combining performance, activism and public health service, med students in Romania challenge stereotypes about Roma people. From a tent in the city, med students offer tea, health care, and an image of Roma which counters stereotypes about “gypsies” and “travellers.”

It is important for you to know that the gypsies do not always ask for something, they can also offer. Today we are offering medical consultations free of charge…

My heart swells with pride in the dignity and creativity of my fellow health care professionals, working to heal society.

Please share your favourite examples of anti-racist images and resources. Just as the med students advised about drinking enough water, we can nourish ourselves with life-affirming, accurate images and flush out the toxic images we’ve absorbed along the way.

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