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it’s the people

November 18, 2014

Visitors to Iqaluit are sometimes (understandably) shocked to see a masked man patrolling town, often armed with a shovel, never wearing a winter coat. His name is Polarman, and he is known for clearing snow off driveways and stairs and standing up against bullying.

When I’m not in the Arctic, people who don’t know the North ask me why I live here. It’s hard for me to answer that simple question. “It’s complex,” I say, and often leave it at that.

One of the reasons is the people and our connections with each other.

I’m going to miss everybody waving at me as I walk down the street up here. Down south it’s going to be like being a total stranger again. I’ll have to gradually build up my reputation again. – Polarman

So I’m sad to hear that one of the first people I ever had a conversation with here is leaving Iqaluit. You made this a friendlier place for me, Polarman. May you be happy in the South.

Thanks for the interview, Anubha and Sara.

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