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sleep, work, colour

May 25, 2015

Stepping out into pale bright stillness at 1:30 a.m, it feels like a good time to get up for a few hours of work. Why do we insist on working 8:30 – 5 instead of with the timing of the land and our own rhythms?

Ruth Stewart’s 2011 collection of yarn dyed the colours of water seems inspired by that kind of attentive living. Here’s some, the colours of spring runoff.

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More examples of that colourplay is here:

I am longing to see colours other than snow and sand. Lately yellow has returned to Iqaluit, as ground minerals stain meltwater, which freezes smooth or windblown under my house and on the shoreline. Away from the roads, tough and tender wintergreen leaves are purpling underfoot. I want to do my thinking out there walking the slushy land, whenever the light entices. A cubicle and clock just don’t inspire the same quality of reflection.

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