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learning to lead

September 1, 2015

I’m getting ready for a delicious learning curve, on my way to dance, pause, reflect, connect and show up more fully present and open-hearted in life. Here is some of what inspired me today.

How to inspire people who want what you offer to actively choose it – useful ideas for marketing, from biology, about decision-making and communication on this TEDx talk by Simon Sinek * – apparently dreams (the “why”) are more important than plans (the “how”), or even the “what” we offer. (Canadian politicians could learn from this as our federal election approaches. I want to hear about what they dream of us becoming together, not just dry plans – where’s the “why”?)

Useful tips for social media presence that can connect us with employers/supporters/allies in ways that represent us well on this week’s CBC ‘s Under the Influence podcast. Which got me checking my own public persona on Facebook, where I was pleased to revisit this…

… poetry. Listen to this incredible, moving call to action, spoken from mother to child, breathe it through your being, and pause. Let it settle. Yes.

Now, what matters more than anything to you? (If you work as a helper, why? What dream do you have for the people/world you serve?) Breathe that in. Let it move you, literally. How does your deepest longing, your most particular delight, the thing you wish to live through in this lifetime, move your body? Breathe. How do you picture it, in your mind? What few words call it back through you? How directly can you communicate that to people who share your dream, whether they know it yet, or not? What images keep you aligned with your own intentions?

When I was nursing, the people who could communicate a “why” that I shared were the people I bonded with the most in our shared work. It was easier to work effectively in peace through struggle, knowing we were united in respect for one another’s callings, in the spirit of our work, in doing our best for that higher purpose, although the system may not have been cooperating. It was being human among humans, intending dignity and well-being for all of us. It helped me to stay well, to do more with less, and to see beauty where I might otherwise just have seen absence or obstacle or lack.

So please, stay in touch with your beautiful intentions, and speak them out, move or collage or write them out, show us, so we can be inspired by you.

* Thanks to the Soul Motion School for sharing this talk.

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