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from the land which grows the stories we become

September 25, 2015

Pacific Island and Arctic communities have much in common. Hearing that some Islanders are relocating as their food and well water are being poisoned by salt water, while others choose to stay on the land they know, as their ancestors have directed them, even as it shrinks and changes, I think of forced relocations of Inuit, and refugees the world over.

What happens to what we know, when we are displaced from the land which grows the stories we become, and from the ancestors who guide life on that land? How do we keep knowing how to live, when everything is changing? What happens in the people who stay, the people who leave, and the stretched connection between them? In the meeting grounds which result from displacement, what images help life-supporting connections to grow?

The dislodged shipwreck could batter village during unusually high king tides resulting from climate change. The blue building is the hospital which was flooded by king tides, and rebuilt.

Stories from different Pacific Island communities are being added to every few days – Fiji most recently.

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