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Hello, I’m Alison Fox, nurse, educator and art therapist. For almost 10 years, I’ve been working in communities where there is suffering related to colonisation. Usually that has meant being isolated from my own communities.

There have been times when I’ve seen and heard things which have been hard to understand in useful ways. It has been hard to talk about with folks at home, without reinforcing ways of seeing things which are not helpful. So I am hugely grateful for conversations with other people who work towards health, equity and empowerment across great divisions.

This blog was intended as a way to connect with other people who are working for change and feeling hungry for stories of hope and images of resilience. I wanted to remember ways to stay with the work when it feels really hard, while staying well and avoiding the pits of sour attitude and silence. I hoped this blog would be a safe place for us to speak together, even when it feels risky, in the service of making room for the good things which are trying to emerge.

I have moved away from the all-consuming work of community health nursing since starting this blog. Not being on call after-hours has massively improved my quality of life. So has moving to Nunavut’s capital city, where fresh food, internet and southern culture(s) are more accessible. But I remember that intense need to connect and re-imagine our work together, and I still hope to co-create a place where people can dare to speak of complexity and confusion, maybe getting things wrong while trying to get things right, and respectfully share our perspectives. 

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  1. margie permalink
    September 7, 2011 7:22 pm

    oh ali, i love your writing. you are so gifted.

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